The Snowman in the Globe

You know the character -- happily housed in his little bio-dome of water and snow.  You flip it over and shake it up and all hell breaks loose inside ... except for the snowman.  He hasn't changed either his expression or his outlook.  He just likes being part of the goings-on.  And regardless of environment, bookshelf, coffee table, or in the bottom of the 3.1 cu box marked "Living Room" he's still the same guy.  (yes I do know he's a snowMan ... aww, come on, don't make me finish the joke here ...)

So how difficult would it be to liken this snowman, to say a Military Spouse?  While you're pretty constant in what you do, when we shake you up and put you down, do you land having control over your immediate surroundings while the rest of the flakes, err, snowflakes, swirl around you?

For the most part?  Yeah, you do.  In fact, not only do you land having control over your immediate surroundings, but you've integrated that skill into a network to spot others who may be about to come down crooked (can't spell caddywonkus). 

What I want to know, and what I hope to hear from you folks out there in the greater Tacoma-Seattle/Ft Lewis-McChord AFB area this weekend is this, HOW do you do it? You know we're going to ask ... so ...

... be ready!  O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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