SpouseBuzz Live Tacoma!

Several of the SpouseBuzz authors are on location in Tacoma, WA. 

We're enjoying our live event with area milspouses and it's a packed house! 

Military spouses arrived in full force today to share their experiences and stories with each other and the SpouseBuzz live crew.

We've discussed the lighter side of military life...we heard great advice and insight from our audience and shared laughs and tears over this life we're living.

During our break between panels, we were treated to a "free, five-minute workshop" with very funny and super cute comedian Sinbad.  Thanks to him for taking time from his schedule to share a few moments with our attendees.

We're into the second panel which focuses on the different phases of military life when a deployment is involved.  The panel is hitting it all--from the emotional detachment pre-deployment to the anticipatory grief and family issues of during deployment to reintegration following deployment. 

By the end of the day, we look forward to new connections being made and we can't wait to see which milspouses will take home some of our great prizes!

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