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If you said yes, then you need to read "I Will Not Be Broken: 5 Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis" by Jerry White.

Jerry writes about how his life was flipped upside-down after stepping on a landmine in Israel, thus resulting in the loss of one leg.  He shares his story in this book, as well as the stories of many others who have been faced with a life crisis.  From his own experience, Jerry made a decision to continue to LIVE his life, rather than rue the day he lost his leg.  And because of his strength, courage, and commitment to helping others, the book "I Will Not Be Broken" is now available to help so many more...

Definition of crisis (dictionary.com):  an emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person's life.

... it can be ANY situation in your life when you feel as though YOU are in a crisis.  Such as a divorce, losing a job, losing a loved one, experiencing a natural disaster, etc.  Even when you don't think your situation is a "crisis," per se, the five steps in this book are a great guide to making decisions about life in general.

Step 1:  Face FactsStep 2:  Choose LifeStep 3:  Reach OutStep 4:  Get MovingStep 5:  Give Back

In our world today there are many people in crisis on a daily basis.  Maybe you don't think YOU need this book, but I'll bet you know someone who could benefit from a little inspiration and direction.  I know I can ALWAYS use a little inspiration, direction, and perspective.

I know I have faced my own life crises numerous times... and I have chosen the path to live and give back.  Even if you aren't sure what direction your life is taking right now, start by reading this book and see where it takes you.  This book was amazing, inspiring, and refreshing!


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