Military Savings Days at Sam's Club


I can't believe I just heard about this...the press release is dated November 11th! During this holiday season, Sam's Clubs are offering special days for military members to shop at Sam's Club without purchasing a membership. From their website:

"Military personnel with proper identification can shop and save ontheir holiday meals and gifts at Sam's Club without a membership. Thecompany will also waive its 10 percent non-member service fee. Themilitary open houses will be held Monday, Nov. 17, Monday, Dec. 1 andMonday, Dec. 15 in 598 Sam's Club locations in the U.S., during regularclub hours.

More than 3,000 Sam's Club and Walmartassociates are active military personnel and the company supportsnumerous military and veterans programs. "We hope this event makes theholidays easier for military families and, if we can help them enjoy aspecial meal or find a unique gift, our mission will be accomplished,"said Greg Johnston, executive vice president, Operations at Sam's Club."This event is in honor of our nation's military families present andpast, to show our gratitude for their sacrifices."

What a lovely gesture! A list of Sam's Clubs can be found here.I hope that some of you can take advantage of this offer. While Ioften find that the prices at the commissary are equal to or betterthan Sam's, they do have some individual great offerings and often make a good choice if you don't live near a commissary. As long asyou can keep yourself from filling a cart with a bunch of impulsepurchases, this could be a great opportunity to sample Sam's Club andsee if it is something that would save you money. Enjoy!

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