Marine Corps Birthday (Belated)


I admit it.  I was AWOL yesterday when I should have put up a post for the Marine Corps Birthday.

Bad SemperFi Wife!!!

I did hang around with a couple of Marines and I did buy a dress for the Ball so I won't be showing up naked like I have been in my dreams.

So below the fold, is my Marine Corps Birthday post:

Marines are odd creatures.  They delight in doing more with less.  Their pride in being a Marine is evident in all that they do.  From the Pennsylvania Marine Corps League site, comes this great anecdote:

     "NOA war correspondent in Korea during the war told the following story:

In an R & R area, well south of the action, there were two separate camps. The first was a well equipped US Army camp that served high quality hot food and had warm sleep areas. The other was a somewhat bedraggled collection of secondhand tents, with poor quality services available to the war-weary Marines.

The army camp sported a large elaborate sign at their front gate which stated: "WITHIN THESE WALLS RESIDE SOLDIERS WHO ARE SECOND TO NONE"

In front of the shabby Marine camp was hung a poorly hand painted sign, which simply said,"NONE."

My favorite quote about the Marine Corps is from Eleanor Roosevelt:

     "The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale and the lowest group of morals of any group of animals I have evern seen.  Thank God for the United States Marine Corps."  (1945)

There's nothing more dangerous or entertaining then a bunch of bored Marines.  (Pardon the rough language)

With all the being said and written, they sure do clean up well, don't they?

Happy 233rd Birthday, Marine Corps!!!

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