It's All Over But the Memories...

Sure the calendar has bid a fond farewell to the month of October, but that doesn't mean your memories of Halloween '08 have to say bye-bye too.  After all, don't you have SCADS of candy lying around?  And, is your trick-or-treater donning his/her costume and parading around the living room today?

Just how might you want to chronicle this year's Halloween festivities?

Military Crop Talk has your answers!

We've even found an on-line scrapbook supply store offering a FREE 8x8 album to fill with Halloween memories.  Spending $30 at this shop shouldn't be hard because it features not only a "holiday" section, but also a "military" section.  The post includes tons of ways to use this album, but if you come up with others, be sure to post a comment!

Sure, costumes are terrific, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit that trick-or-treating is pretty much  about the CANDY!!!!  If you don't think your Halloween memories are closely tied to the sweet stuff, you may have wanted to see the reactions on the faces of the adults in our trick-or-treat entourage when a neighbor handed out Fun Dips!  WOW.  Giddy is one way to describe it.  Military Crop Talk encourages you to use your imagination to pay tribute to the treats.

What was your favorite costume as a kid?

What candy did you wish you had more of in your treat bag at the end of the night than any other?

I'd love to know!  Post it in comments!!

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