I "Hope" I Love This Product

It seems that all the cute tops and dresses are cut just narrowly enough that traditional bra straps peek out, even racerback bras don't always do the trick. Drives me insane. Until now, I've done the best I could do - wear black bras with black tops, blue bras with blue dresses and red bras with red tops. That way, when the straps show, at least they don't stand out like a sore thumb. But, the television advertising has sucked me in, despite my pronouncements that I'm very skeptical of this sort of thing.

I've ordered one of these, actually nine, because that's the package. Here's to no more rogue bra straps. Oh, and the side benefit? Looks like I'll get a "boost" which will make me look "one cup size bigger." If you're coming to Tacoma, please don't confuse me with Dolly Parton. I'm a brunette. And I can't sing.

I'll report back on how effective they are once I've tried them out. For more products we love, see here (just keep scrolling down).

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