Humorous Halloween Moments


This has little to do with military life, but there were some funny trick-or-treat moments at our house last night.

We live in a civilian neighborhood, and my husband had just returned home from work and didn't have time to change before the first round of kids rang the bell. A gang of about five boys who looked to be about eight years-old arrived. One of them looked at my husband, dressed in his Army ACUs, and said:

Wow, are you a Marine?

A Marine? No, I'm an Army guy.

One of the other kids said, "Are you really?"

Another kid offered, "Duhhhhh, it's Halloween, he's just dressed up."



I gave candy out to a brother and sister and the little boy (probably five years-old) said, "I want to see." Then, he looked in my container and said, "I want some more."


One kid moved my hand so he could see the candy, then proceeded to list his preferences. What is this, a drive-thru where you place an order?


Oh, and I couldn't help but laugh at all the little girls who kept peeking their head around me while I was standing in the doorway because they wanted to see the inside of the house. Curiously, no little boys did this. Hummmm....


And finally, what's with the 17 year-olds putting on pajamas and trolling for candy?

All in all, a good night. It's fun to see the kids super-hyped and all dressed up, except for the older teenagers who show up in no costume at all, or their pajamas.....

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