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Dr. Suzanne Best, who contributed to the book Courage After Fire, will be joining us at SpouseBuzz Talk Radio  this Thursday night at 8pm CST to discuss reintegration.  This show will be part 1, of our 2 part series on the book of the month. 

I seriously think reintegration is one of the most important issues facing our Veterans who have served this great Nation.   

There are times when I think about reintegration, where I simply forget, reintegration goes beyond the home and family...

Part 1 of this series will focus on the best case scenario for deployment, meaning a pretty typical experience (if there is such a thing).  There is enough to reintegrate after a separation and a war time experience. 

Part 2 of the series will focus on PTSD, physical wounds, as well as emotional ones.

Clinicians who have worked for years with veterans            of various war eras, we recognize that combat affects not only the            troops but their entire circle of family, friends, employers, and            community. Courage After Fire offers information and tips for family            members and close friends-those who have kept things going on the            home front and waited anxiously for their veteran's return. It is            also for doctors, counselors, employers, coworkers, and others who            may be asked to help with a veteran's transition home.         

I am really trying to maximize our time with Dr. Suzanne Best, and there is a lot of ground to cover.  However I do want to know what concerns our readership has.  What questions would you ask if you could?

Did your child have a difficult time when his Father or Mother returned?Did your financial status change?Perhaps, you are a National Guard family, did your Husband/Wife's employer welcome them back?Did your switch in gender specific roles empower you, or leave you feeling resentful?

Please leave your questions and comments in the comments section and feel free to protect your identity if you wish.  I will forward your questions to Dr. Best, and we will try our hardest to answer every single one of them. 

Thank you, and we do hope to hear from you in the chat room, or call in this Thursday evening. 

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