A Surprise in Civilianland


I spent the past few days in civilianland, a place where there is no military community.Funny how I sleep, eat and breathe military lifewhen I'm at home orin other military communities, but when I find myself in civilianland, I don't expect to find any connectionsto militaryland. And when I do, it's always awelcome surprise.

I was at a department store in civilianland this weekend. As I was standing in the shoe department, Iglanced over towards the cosmetics department, and lo and behold, there stood a young woman wearing an "Army Wife" t-shirt.I immediatelyfelt connected to this stranger. My first instinct was torush over to her and say, "Hey, I'm an Army wife, too," but then I thought about it a little more and decided that might be a little lame. Not to mention, kind of stalkerish.And youknow how well my stalkerish behavior in civilianland has worked out for me in the past.Not very well. In the end, I didn't approach her, but I should have. I would love to have amilspouseapproach me in civilianland, and I bet she would have, too. But, I'll never knowbecause I wimped out.

Ah well, there's alwaysnext time....

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