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We live in interesting times, that's for sure.

What does the current economic crisis mean for military families?  With so much emphasis on the housing sector and the fact that we have to move and don't have a choice - how can we best position ourselves during this crisis?

For the first half of today's show we'll be talking to our favorite Real Estate agents - Larry and Madeline of LarMad Homes.  Larry will have tips and facts on the search for housing in today's market.  Very important to know!  We previously talked to Larry and Madeline here, and it was a great conversation.  Madeline also runs a blog called Just Ask Madeline, and we all LOVE blogs!

In the second half of the show we'll be speaking to USAA mortgage specialists about how the current market crisis affects your mortgage or your ability to get one.  With all the talk of a credit crunch, this is stuff you really need to know!

Join us tonight at 9 PM Eastern on SpouseBUZZ Radio for a very timely show!  As always, our phone lines will be open for questions and our chat room will be hopping.

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