The Best Quote I've Heard All Year


A little while ago I met up with several other wives and we got to talking.  As always comes up when a bunch of mil-spouses are sitting around, we started in on our game of Military Spouse Poker.

And, as always happens when we play Military Spouse Poker, PCSing came up.

One wife, whom I believe was probably the smartest of us all, gave us this little gem about moving overseas:

"Despite the fact that our government is getting up on that 250 years old mark, when you get ready to move overseas you will realize that NEVER in the history of our nation has the government EVER moved ANYONE overseas.  EVER."

Or at least it will feel that way, right?

Air Force Guy and I have been using that as our buzz-phrase all week now, because sometimes it seems to apply to nearly every situation that comes up as a military family.

"Somehow, never before in history has TriCare EVER had to cover someone's prenatal care!"

"Somehow, never before in history has anyone EVER had to sign up for childcare at the ECE Center!"

"Somehow, never before in history has anyone EVER expected to get their TDY pay processed!"

And it never fails, every time we use that phrase I about fall over giggling.  I nearly wet my pants when I heard that very astute military spouse mention it the first time!  Because, really, it sure does feel true!

It also diffuses the situation a little.  And I'm sure I don't have to tell you how stressful the situation can get when moving or being held at the mercy of someone who is really not all too interested in the fact that you had to be somewhere yesterday.  I know that in the last month I've developed a perfectly lovely eye tick from having my ability to move forward in someone else's hands.  We all have our physical manifestations of stress!  And laughing really does make it easier to deal with.

Just remember, they can't help it!  Never before in the history of the military have they EVER had to cut ANYONE orders.  I'm sure that the procedure is listed in a manual somewhere though. 

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