Teen Deployment Classes available

Do you have a teen in your family (immediate or extended) who is having trouble dealing with deployment - or you think they might have trouble dealing with an upcoming deployment - - and, let's face it, who doesn't have trouble dealing with deployments!?!?!?!?  Have I got a deal for you - okay, actually the Army Reserve has a deal for you!

The Teen Deployment Class was developed to increase understanding of what to expect during a deployment.  Teens who have a parent, sibling, aunt or uncle or even a friend who is preparing for deployment, is currently deployed, or has returned home after deployment...this class is for them!  Participants will learn tips for managing stress, understand how deployment may affect their family and about the programs available for military youth.

Eligibility: Youth ages 12 and older.  Adults working with military youth are welcome too!

Location: (Thank God for the age of technology!) These classes are taught online and over the phone!  It's easy!  After registering for the class you will receive an email with a toll free number to call at the scheduled time. 

View the schedule and register online at www.arfp.org/teenclasses.  If you have further questions, you can call Sarah Jones at 913-334-4230 ext. 5334

So, now that the advertisement portion of the post is done for today - what would you like to see in these types of classes?  What do you think is important for your teen to know?  What do you wish your teen knew prior to a deployment?  What support is out there at your location for teens?  If you go ahead and take the class, please let us know what you thought about the content - perhaps someone else may need the class for their kids/relatives....

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