Survey for Wounded Service Members and their Families

Secretary Gates is asking for feedback about the Military Healthcare system from wounded (or ill) service members and their families. If you're interested in participating, click here to take the survey. You can take the survey until October 15. Results will be published in November.

Thanks to reader SV.

Semi-related, a new website to address PTSD and transitioning from military life to civilian life is now in development. From the Mailbag:

Andi, I just got finished reading an article you posted in 2006 about PTSD. My hubby is an OIF Veteran (Army). [B]ecause of his PTSD and other injuries, our family and many others we knew were really struggling to find real-world information about coping with the "aftershocks" of combat. So I, with some other OIF/OEF Vet wives, got together to start FamilyOfaVet.com.

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