Respite Care


It's tough on caregivers to maintain 24/7 care of their loved one.  After several years, I can't imagine how some families are still able to hold it together.  Now, TriCare offers primary caregivers of active duty servicemembersrest, relief, and reprieve authorized by section 1633 of the 2008 NDAA.

The respite benefit helps homebound active duty servicemembers who needfrequent help from their primary caregiver. This benefit provides amaximum of eight hours of respite per day, five days a week. Activeduty servicemembers, or their legal representatives, can submit receiptsfor reimbursement of respite care services beginning Jan. 1, 2008, by aTRICARE-authorized home health agency.

For more information on this benefit visit TRICARE's Web site.  Make sure you look into all the details if you need this and feel you should qualify! 

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