Preventing the Second Tragedy


Have you tried talking your spouse into Legal to get your wills updated?  It's worse than pulling teeth or making doctor appointments.  And yet, it's one of the most important things we can do for our families.  If you are having trouble getting your spouse or others in your units to realize the importance of this type of planning, there is a new program out there that can help - "Preventing the Second Tragedy - Casualty Tough Talk"!

Tinker Air Force Base has put out a video "Casualty Tough Talk" which addresses the unthinkable issues - Wills, Living Wills, Catastrophic Illness, Death and Accidents.  The program comes with a DVD detailing three true life accounts of how being unprepared impacted military families and a CD containing reproducible work and check sheets.  The video is intended to help encourage frank and open discussions regarding casualty affairs between spouses, loved ones and military members. 

Let's face it, no one wants to think of serious illness, accident or death happening in our families.  But it happens and the best we can do for our loved ones is protect them now, while we can!  The video can act as a bridge (whether it's one on one with you and your spouse or as a program with an entire unit) that will get everyone started on their way to being smart about the things that can and will happen in our lives!

If you want more information, contact:

Jane Allen

Flight Chief, Family Support Center

Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Commercial: 405-739-2747

And let me know how you managed to finagle your spouse to go to legal for the whole will prep thing!  We really need to redo ours!

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