It's That Time Again...

Updated and Bumped: Originally published on 9/15/08 after SpouseBUZZ LIVE Hampton Roads. I'm bumping the post up so that the San Antonio LIVE attendees can browse through various milspouse blogs.

Periodically, we run a list of milspouse bloggers here at SpouseBUZZ so that new readers can find more spouse blogs to read and connect with. After our LIVE event this weekend, I thought now would be a good time to publish the list again. If you have a blog that isn't listed, it's not a snub, there's just so many to keep track of. Please leave the blog url in the comment section and we'll add it to the list.

Here's the list, in no particular order:

Just a Bunch of Nothing - New

Better When We're Together

Army Wives Connected

Thomas Litchford

Hazardous Duty -

Tootie's Place

Mrs. Army Strong -

Kitchen Combat

The Liberal Life of a Navy Wife

Adorable Device of Destruction

Spouse in the House

Home Away From Home

Impatiently Waiting

Semper Gumby Wifey

Tucker and Swiss (A soon-to-be-milspouse)

Kicking Out and Rocking On (Another soon-to-be-milspouse)

Emily's Craziness

Wheezer's Cheeze

The Displaced Dutchian

When in Rome

Pot and Kettle

It's a Waiting Game

Adventures of a Sailor's Wife

Super Sapper Wife

My Life

Sixx of Diamonds

When Life Gives You Lemons

Hurry Up and Wait

One Army Day at a Time

The Greatest Adventure

A Soldiers' Wife

A Soldiers' Mind

Army Blogger Wife

Dig Your Toes In

Erin Rages

Vyper Pit

Crazy Daizy

Wife Unit

Jenny Live & in Color

Homeschool Blogger

Blog Notes

Sis B

She Who Waits


Proud Liberal Army Wife

Non-essential Equipment

Wendy's Tiki Hut


Patti's Place

More Than an Army Wife

Butterfly Wife

Snarky Navy Wife

Knee Deep in the Hooah

Milspouse Blog


Under the Sea

Standing By

In Training

Life of a Soldier's Wife

Life Lessons of a Military Wife

Household Six

Oh! That's Gonna Leave a Mark

The Cobwebs of My Mind

Nomad Librarian

In the Air Force Again

Patiently Waiting


Ms. Mo

All Ahead Full

The Story of My Life

Operation Marriage

Operataion Life Transformed

Writing Military Mom

Slightly Salty

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