Fit Club - Report In!

Okay, folks, I have an assignment for you.

Here's the deal - my gym opens on October 11.  I have been "working out" by moving all the boxes in the house and cleaning like a madwoman - but the first Friday after 10/11 I'll have a full workout report (plus pictures I hope!) for you.

But lifting boxes isn't as much of a workout as I'd like to have.  And I keep hearing from several of you that you need to get back on track, too.  So here's the deal - do this short workout once a day every day until next Friday and we report in.  I will want to hear everything - were you sore?  How long did the soreness last?  How do you feel Friday vs. how you felt on Monday?  We'll be doing this together, so let's motivate each other to get this brief 15 minutes a day done this week! 

I have a bit more news for you after the jump!

I recently heard from Nikki Fitness, and her next DVD is finished and getting ready for release!  It is done along the same ideas as the Military Wife workout, and I can't tell you how great that workout's effect on me was.  I went from working out too long and wrong and going nowhere for two months, to two straight months of losing weight.  I'm a size smaller now! 

Here's a preview of Nikki's new workout, and as you can see, it looks like a good one!

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