Baby Come Back....

Have you seen those commercials pushing Swiffer WetJet? You know, the ones where the old brooms and mops try to woo housewives back after they've been replaced by the latest and greatest way to sweep and mop the floors. I crack up each time I see those commercials, especially the one where the mop lays a path of rose petals leading to a candle-filled jacuzzi.

Very clever.

Yesterday, the SpouseBUZZ gals began making their way home from San Antonio, and I stayed on for an extra day. One by one they took off. With each good-bye, I began to feel a little bluer. I thought I was going to throw myself on the floor and start singing Baby Come Back like those brooms and mops do. It was so quiet when they left. No more laughter and warmth that comes with being surrounded by some of your favorite people in the whole world. They're just suddenly gone. And you know what it reminded me of? PCS season.

For me, there's nothing worse than being the last one to PCS. Four months ago, I watched all of my new milspouse friends pack up and move out of town. We were the last to go. It's a gut-wrenching experience to be the last one to leave, and to not know when you're going to see your new friends again - if ever. I'm determined to be the first person to leave Seattle after SpouseBUZZ LIVE Sea/Tac.....


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