Writer's block is an issue for me...

I often think about doing a post about something that happened in my life, but then I stop and wonder, "Is that appropriate for SB?"  I mean, I am a military spouse and mother, but I don't think most of the things I experience are unique to being a milspouse.  The fact that I don't live in a military community has something to do with it, I guess.  Just not a lot of "military stuff" to write about.  Then I feel guilty for not writing as often as I promised I would for the blog. 

So what suggestions do you all have for me to write about when I don't know what to write?  What topics have not been written about, or what topics would you like to read about more?  After all, this is  not just the writers' blog, we are always up for suggestions! 

And since I am not sure what to write about, I will tell you how I spent my twenty-thirteenth birthday (this past Saturday).

Saturday morning I cleaned our hallway linen closet.  It started out that I was looking for 2 matching pillowcases for our bed, which turned to pulling all the sheets off the shelf, which turned to cleaning out the medicine shelf, etc.  TWO HOURS LATER I was finally done (I even vacuumed the shelves - we have cats).  Exciting, right?  It got better...

Our son is playing pee-wee football (he's 8 years old) and he had his first game.  And his team KICKED BUTT!!!  It was really cute watching these little kids play football... and, for me, it was more exciting to watch than I thought it would be.  I really do love football!  Especially the Steelers....

After the game we went to our local fair.  The fair was going on all week, but we never got a chance to take the kids.  So we spent a few hours at the fair and the first ride I went on with my son went UP-SIDE-DOWN!  He giggled the entire time!  It was so funny... until his quarters started flying out of his pocket (he recovered one of them).

And the other interesting part of my twenty-thirteenth birthday?  My husband bought HIMSELF a pistol.  After he told me the day before that he hadn't gotten me anything yet and asked me what I wanted.  I'm not a material person so I said, "surprise me."  And he did... he got a pistol... for himself!  Figures...

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