Through children's eyes

Do you have any gems little kids have said about something related to their parent's military  service?

I know Sarah posted a request for some stories almost a year ago, but hopefully we have some more readers ready to share and bring some smiles.

Looking back over my posts during Seadaddy's IA deployment in order to get ready and calm my nerves for Spousebuzz Live Norfolk, I came across something I had almost forgotten my stepdaughter shared.

Even though it was quite late by the time his plane finally boarded and we started our trip home, I really wanted my stepdaughter to stay awake and keep me company.  And like Guard Wife said some of the best conversations happen when kids are tired and chatty.  In our talk she asked me what Daddy's job was over there.  I said somethingabout how he was going to help make sure the bad people can't hurtother people and help keep everyone safe. So she gets all animated andexcited and sure of herself and says "Daddy is probably gonna dobooroar at them and they will get down and stop".  After coming up with no kid to stepmom translation I said ". . . what?!?"  With a really exasperated how could you not know this voice she said ". . . booroar . . .(sigh/dramatic pause) . . .  he will boo like a ghost and roar like amonster and they will get scared and stop."

And despite the fact that my husband was setting off for a warzone, I actually had a permagrin on my face for quite a while that early morning. 

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