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Andi mentioned at SpouseBUZZ Live over the weekend how one person's weird is another person's normal.  Her example was how she does laundry immediately after her husband deploys, in contrast to the many wives who seem to hang on to those stinky shirts as long as they can.  I came across an example of this weird/normal dichotomy in my own life recently.

Fellow milspouse Sis B called me two weekends ago and asked what I was doing.  I told her I was watching Band of Brothers.  She litterally gasped out loud and asked me how on earth I could stomach it while my husband is deployed.  Her weird, my normal.  I said that the only time I get to watch military-themed shows and movies is when my husband is gone, because when he's home he nitpicks the stuff to death: this beret is crooked, NCOs don't talk like that, etc.  The last time he was deployed, I finally got to sit down and watch Black Hawk Down and We Were Soldiers.  I peacefully enjoyed Patton, The Big Red One, The Longest Day, and Band of Brothers.  And I decided to watch Band of Brothers again this time around, for old time's sake.  I like to watch military movies while my husband is gone; somehow it makes me feel connected to the mission and to my husband's life.  That's my normal.

Do you have anything you do that is weird for your friends but normal for you?

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