ReRuns: The "Hey, We're All Out of Town" Version


Each time we host a LIVE event, some attendees new to SpouseBUZZ run home and get on the site, but there's rarely fresh content here because we're all making our way back home. So, until we're back in the saddle, feel free to browse the mix of humorous and emotional posts below:

Did you know deployments are like snowflakes? Plus, a little perspective goes a long way.

You may not know the term "Anticipatory Grief", but I'll bet you've experienced it. Hummm - So you want to be a milspouse? Do you have what it takes?

Yeah, it's true, he'll probably never make General.

Naked neighbors make the best neighbors.

Oh, if he only knew what really happens when he's away.... Um, yeah - we need to talk.

Anticipatory STRESS. Three scenarios - which one would you choose?

Does your husband need to work on his delivery, too?

It may take them 20 years, but eventually your kids will learn to like you. No, they're not victims, they're pillars of strength.

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