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I have mentioned in a past post that it's been a very busy time for me and September looks to be no different.  There are just so many different things going on.  I'm getting woozy with the busy-ness.

This Friday, I will be down at Hampton Roads for our Spousebuzz Live conference on Saturday.  I am jazzed!  I can't wait to be around my sister/brotherhood of military spouses and sharing experiences, anecdotes, resources.  A request:  if you are attending the conference on Saturday, come over and say hi to the authors.  We all want to meet and get to know you.

In other news....

This is quite an interesting political season.  Spousebuzz is decidedly not a political site and I think that's a good thing.  There are many other great sites for that.  Here, we are all about the sister/brotherhood and the milspouse experience.  So...acknowledging that we all don't think the same way, I simply say to this..Vive la difference!!  We live in a great, free country and elections are a part of our lives.  Enjoy the process and exercise the freedoms we are guaranteed.  Vote!!!!

In other news, al Anbar province was handed over to the Iraqis last week.  This is a success story and I don't just say that because my son is in Iraq right now.  It simply is because of what the US military has done and because the Iraqis are standing up for themselves.  Either way, this is news to pop the bubbly to. 

I talked to my father in law the other night about this milestone event in al Anbar province.  I didn't see it coming but I got very choked up about the turnover.  Don't get me wrong....I was very happy to have this happen.  I got choked up because I thought of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to make this moment happen.  BOTH US service members and Iraqis.  Both have given so much to get us where we are today.

Please pause for a moment to acknowledge what has been accomplished as well as the cost to achieve it. 

News from and about Cpl. Dark Prince.  The mail deadline was Monday.  Yippee (insert picture of Snoopy doing the happy dance).  Also, in an email, he relates that his kill count is over 100.

Flies, that is.


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