My Prized Possession: The Single Letter


After reading Sarah's blog post about letter writing, or lack thereof, I was reminded of something. When we spoke with Mrs. Casey, I mentioned that my husband wrote exactly one letter during his last deployment. I received tons of email and many cards, but as for letters - one. I was okay with that because my husband is not a letter writer, never has been. Everyone's situation is different and some spouses have more access to computers than others. As for me, I could hardly complain about communication because on most days, I got an email, and most weeks, a phone call.

We've talked about taking valuable possessions with us when we PCS rather than letting the movers pack them. Usually, this consists of jewelry and other valuable assets that we couldn't afford to have lost or stolen. When I read Sarah's post, I was reminded of something else I hand carry with me - that one letter. This letter stays in my nightstand and when my husband is TDY or otherwise away, I sometimes take it out and read it. I love that letter. I know it must have taken him two hours to compose, so I appreciate the care and patience that went into it. And, of course, I love the contents. For me, that letter is as valuable as any expensive jewelry, savings bonds, etc. that I own.

Are there sentimental items that you hand carry with you when you PCS?

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