Just Because I'm Curious


Or, just because I'm nosy.  Take your pick.  Either way, I wanna know.

This weekend in Virginia was terrific.  Not only did I have the opportunity to hang out with some of my dearest friends, I also had the chance to speak with several of you during and after the Hampton Roads event.  And, just as I do every time I return from meeting SpouseBuzz readers, I start wondering about them and what makes them tick. 

And, I feel like I know you a little, but not the deeper, more pressing questions like:

What book have you enjoyed reading recently? 

  • If your spouse is deployed, you may just be too busy to read, but there might be a book on your to-do list.  There were tons of books lying around here gathering dust while I was in school so I understand if you have to offer an all-time favorite book.
  • I caught up on the Patricia Cornwell books I missed in recent years and have been reading a ton of books on international adoption recently.

What music are you listening to and enjoying the most right now?

  • I just downloaded Pink's new one, "So What?!" onto my iPod and will take her around the 'hood with me on my walk later this evening.

What's your mantra or quote that gets you through?

  • Mine is, "I only have two hands and 24 hours."  It's simple, timeless and true.

Go ahead.  Feed my nosey side in comments.  If you have any questions you're dying to ask me, throw 'em on there too and I'll answer them for you...within reason.  I didn't ask you what your scale says or how much Haagen-Dazs you can eat in one setting, so go easy on me. 

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