It was bound to happen, sooner or later


You know it's time for one of "the talks" when you overhear your kids conversations.  Let me set the stage, we have two young girls.  You know me as Toad, but the kids know me as Dad.  My wife, The Boss, is active military ... yall know this much already, so, here's the scene.  The girls, both pre-schoolers, were talking to the young boys next door that just PCSd onto installation.  These boys have a much more traditional family relationship, with the father being the active duty member...

ToadKid1 (TK1):  Hey yall ... sup?  After a bit of quiet, I hear one of the girls, ...

ToadKid2 (TK2):  Think they talk?

NeighborBoy1(NB1):  Of course we talk and no, we don't have kooties or fleas like most girls think.

TK1:  Yeah right.  Are those scratches on your legs? 

TK2:  ... and oh by the way, stay on your side.

TK1:  So, what's your Mom do?

NeighborhoodBoy2:  She stays at home, why?

TK1:  What??  Your Mom doesn't work?  How do you eat?  How'd you get on the post?  Sorry to hear that about your Mom ...

TK2:  Wow ... bummer.  So your Mom and Dad sit around and talk all day or something?

TK1:  So, like who plays catch with you?  Who takes sticks and beats bushes looking for squirrels?  Your (don't tell me, *gulp*) ..., Your Mom???  And what does your Dad do?

NB1:  No (with a disgusting sneer); he works.

TK1:  Oh, I'm so sorry that your Mom doesn't work and your Dad has to ...

NB2:  WTFO -- you girls are nuts!  We're outta here ....

Post-Toad-Script.  What we have here is a classic misunderstanding based upon our own perceptions of good and our view of the world from where we sit.  What's interesting is how our accepted life and style migrates from us to our kids.  And although I'm retired military, our kids have only known Dad to stay at home and to them, that's the norm.  And Mom?  Well, she has always worn battle rattle and disappears for days and weeks at a time ... and they know she's a warrior and well, "goes somewhere to go to work."  Our gals are from a family that the Neighborhood Boys, simply can't comprehend as they are from what could be considered a more traditional family arrangement.

So we had one of "the talks."  First, not all boys have fleas and their scratches may be due to something more serious.  Next, most Dads do go to work and most Moms work their buns off at home -- it's just reversed in our home.  And that's perfectly acceptable.

I figured they understood as they shrugged and trundled-off -- so do your kids have perceptions that maybe came from you that may need explaining?  Think about it.

Our kids got it I think ... and promptly pee'd on their imposed line of demarcation between "them" and "us."  Because we all know, boys DO have fleas ...

Now that you know the conversation that I overheard, here's a pix of my girls (TK2 is on the left, TK1 is on the right)... O&O, MaintenanceToadOne


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