How I met my husband's new boss

I met "Boss" on Tuesday.  And here's how it went...

Boss calls me:  Hello, Joan.  This is Boss.  I apologize that this is the first time we have ever spoken.  How is your husband doing?

Me:  I think he'll be fine, Boss.  He's still at the EMERGENCY ROOM.  I had to come home to get the kids off the bus.

Boss:  So, what happened?

Me:  DH said he was just about to open his truck door (in a parking lot) and the person parked next to him threw open the passenger door and the corner of the door hit his left eye.  Then DH said he was "knocked out" and when he woke up, the car next to his truck was gone.  He has a cut on his left eyelid and his eye is bruised.  They did a CT scan to see if anything is broken or if he has a concussion.

Boss:  WHAT!?  The people drove off????

Me:  That's what he said.  I'm not sure when he will be home or if he should drive himself.

Boss:  Is there anything I can do to help?  My wife his home.  You can take the kids to my house so you can go to the hospital.

Me:  I don't know what to do yet.  I'll call you back.  Thanks for the call.

I call him back and decide to take the kids to his house.  Fortunately I talked to his wife on the phone the week before so we weren't complete strangers, although I had never actually met her (or Boss).  So I get directions, take the kids to their house, go to the hospital, and....

DH's truck is no longer in the ER parking lot.  JEEPERS!  I call his cell phone and he is on his way home.  So I go back to pick up the kids.  And Boss is now home so we officially meet.  Boss is a really nice guy and his wife is awesome.  It was one of the strangest "first meetings" I have ever had with one of DH's bosses.

And here's how I found out he was going to the ER:

He called me at work.  Here's what he said, "Hey.  I'm on my way to the ER.  I got hit in the eye with a door and I'm bleeding and my face is swelling."  I actually stayed at work another hour, then left a little early to go see him.

Just another day in the life of a milspouse who has a husband that is prone to going to hospitals.  The good thing is, I have LOTS of practice at the "waiting game" in hospitals.  But it's not exactly something I enjoy doing.  I think I need to find my husband a safe hobby ;)

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