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I have not been to the gym in two weeks.

I have, however, been packing and lugging boxes all over my house.  And when I checked the calorie counter on Spark People, it seems that packing and lugging boxes (and mowing the lawn) actually burn a significant amount of calories and work your arm and chest muscles!  Who'da thunk?

It totally explains the 3 pounds I dumped into seeming nowhere this week.  Which is probably mostly water weight, but a girl can dream, right?

Since there's no time for me to get to the gym these days with the move in full progress, I'll have to take my exercise where I can get it.  The sad part, though, is that I don't get my two kid-free hours a day. 

We're also all about food we can eat easily and fast at the Air Force Family household these days.  Luckily this article about healthy fast foods came out on Spark People just this week!  Okay, yeah, heavy on the salads (and I'm a total carnivore), but there are other foods on it for people like me, too!

Which means that I don't have to rely so heavily on Subway!  I mean, thanks Jared!  But I'm not a sandwich every single day kind of a gal. 

In fact, I'm suddenly feeling a REAL urge to get a sugar free cafe mocha and read some books at Barnes and Noble right now.  Who wants to join me?

What I really need, I think, is a few moments of down time.  So I'd love some suggestions - how do you relax?  How do you breath deep, recollect yourself?  What do you do to take a few moments to get your mind cleared and yourself back on track? 

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