Fit Club - Report In!

I'm still moving.  My exercising is still consisting of packing boxes, looking at houses, washing walls,  and carrying boxes up and down stairs.  However, Spark People says that is real exercise! 

My biggest problem now is that with moving, I haven't been watching my food much.  I ate fast food this week, including (GASP!) those fries I had cut completely out of my diet in the last several months.  The bidding process on houses doesn't help me, either.  That's a recipe for Nutter Butter disaster right there.

Luckily, Fitness Magazine had a great feature on delicious and easy to make foods that are healthy and easy to make.

Here's what I want to know - we all have  a "jolt" food, something that we can immediately drop everything and eat to remind ourselves we need to be paying attention to our diets.  What is your "jolt" food?  Mine is chicken.  Lean roasted chicken will fill me up and helps to cut down on my cravings as I transition back into healthy territory.  In fact, I dug back into that chicken yesterday and today my craving is for a lettuce and chicken wrap!  Much better than the pizza cravings I was having earlier!

Sound off, Fit Club!  What is your "jolt" food?

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