Army Wives Season 2 Episode 12

This week's Army Wives was about communication.  Or the lack thereof.

Claudia Joy's parents weren't communicating about their financial situation.  Luckily, once Emmalin got dragged into it, Claudia Joy began to see what was really going on.  Kudos to Claudia Joy for straightening her parents out and making them face their problem.

Trevor is still having medication issues, and Roxy is freaked out that he will develop a problem like her mother.  When Trevor's friend dies in Iraq, he completely shuts down.  It's understandable for him to turn inward when he loses a friend, but unfortunately he has serious meds at his disposal.  We've all loved Roxy and Trevor's marriage, but when he smashes the glass at the end of the show, things are not good.

Finally, Denise and Frank start counseling.  Denise wants a separation, and Frank thinks that the fact that he's returning to Iraq in five days is separation enough.  Now, my guess is that I am probably the only viewer out there who actually likes Frank.  Despite his faults, I feel sorry for him.  That counseling session was ugly though.  Later, Denise is about to tell Jeremy that she's separating from Frank when Jeremy announces he's deploying.  I wonder what will happen between Denise and Frank now.

The other two storylines are Joan's baby shower and Pamela's stalker.  There's another, more detailed review of the show at TV Squad.  They have an interesting take on these two plots:

The lone comic relief was Joan's baby shower. She would micro manage the party and baby proof the house before the baby's even out of the womb, wouldn't she? I thought they missed a chance for her to really talk to the wives about her fears about having a baby. That's something Roland cannot relate to. My least favorite story development was Pamela's stalker. Based on one phone call and a gift of flowers, she completely overreacted and decided he was a stalker? Why? Can't Tim simply be a fan? Yes, Pam has cop instincts, but following that theme, I expected the MPs to be more sympatico with her. Instead, since they were no help, I can see Pamela getting a gun and defending herself. Of course with Chase sneaking in and out thanks to his Delta Force status, she might wind up shooting him. This plot seemed very contrived to me.

Oh, and the one thing that bugged me about the episode?  When Pamela tells the MPs she lives in apartment "B as in boy."  Um, nah.  That's "bravo," Lifetime.

Your thoughts?

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