WE bury people in 1 day, and move in 4?

When I was packing and getting ready to move the question that was posed from my family was....

"Your not packed yet?"

It was a discouraging question, and ended up causing a lot of anxiety. 

And now that we are in our home...

Relatives:  "So are you unpacked yet?"

AWTM:  "Are you serious?"

Relatives:  "I guess that is a no."

AWTM:  "damn straight."

My DH quickly reminded me that the folks that are asking these questions are people that have not moved in 20-50 years.  But still. 

I am from the great plains. 

I hate to throw folks under the bus but, I do come from agrarian immigrants. 

Agrarian immigrants get stuff done.  FAST.  Almost like a fairy or something. 

The best example of this is funerals.  If we have a family member die, they are buried within 36 hours.  If they die at the right time.  Die in the morning, well that throws a wrench in things, die at night, there is time to call EVERYONE, get food rounded up, obituary written and there you have it.    There is no fussing around with grief.  Get them buried, life goes on.  Grieve later.  It is strange to me. 

I am guessing, if my family thinks we can plan entire funerals in 36 hours, moving should take less time.

My not being unpacked yet, is causing mass confusion.  Heck I might just take my sweet time, just to watch folks stew.

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