USAA Expands Eligibility Requirements

USAA, who has been a huge supporter of SpouseBUZZ and our SpouseBUZZ LIVE events, just announced that are expanding their membership eligibility requirements.

USAA Expands its Membership Eligibility

Now all military retirees and any service members honorably discharged after 1995, and their families can join USAA. An additional three million now have access to USAA.

SAN ANTONIO - Citing steady growth in financial strength and operational capacity, USAA announced that effective immediately, membership is now expanded to include:

? Military retirees, regardless of when they retired ? Military personnel who were honorably discharged on or after Jan. 1, 1996 ? Widows or widowers of military personnel killed in action while eligible

After they join, spouses and children of the above may also be eligible for membership.

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"Today, USAA is stronger than at any time in our 86-year history, which enables us to offer the benefits of USAA membership to more military families than ever before," said Joe Robles, USAA's President and CEO. "Having served as an Army Private and many ranks along the way to Major General, it gives me great personal satisfaction to know that another three million former service members and their families now have access to all that USAA offers."

USAA began as an officer-only association in 1922, opened to enlisted personnel in 1996, and today serves 6.4 million current and former military members and their families. Throughout its history, USAA has played an important role in helping military families with their financial needs, providing them with insurance, investments and banking products as well as financial planning and advice.

Who is eligible for USAA membership?

? Military personnel

? Active duty and retired service members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) or in the Selected Reserve or National Guard; or those honorably separated in 1996 or later from active duty, Selected Reserve or National Guard.

? Cadets, Midshipmen, and officer or warrant officer candidates in government-sponsored programs leading to a commission.

? Family members

? Adult children, widow(er)s, and un-remarried former spouses of USAA members.

? Widow(er)s of officer and enlisted personnel who were killed in action while eligible.

Additionally, USAA life, investment and retirement products are also available to members' extended family, who are not eligible for USAA membership.  USAA made this change to help members secure the financial welfare of their extended family members; for example, an aging parent for whom a member is providing care.

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