Things That Are Completely Ridiculous

We move a lot.  Mail has to get forwarded.  Addresses need to be changed.

I understand that, and I'm right on top of it!  Thank the Good Lord for the internet, I can do most of it online.

I can do it online except when, through a glitch in some sort of site coding, the new address switches out with the old address and my stuff gets sent to the last place we live.

That happened to me this week.

I'm too lazy to go get my film developed at the store.  If I have actual film, it will sit in my house until the Second Coming even if it has the definitive pictures proving that Elvis is indeed alive and working as a fry cook at Church's Chicken in some tiny town in Mississippi.   

At this moment I have three disposable cameras (that I can find) that have moved with us at least twice.

You've probably guessed that I'm a big fan of Shutterfly.  You upload the pictures, they deliver them to you, no fuss.  I love it.

Well, I loved it.  I submitted some pictures in July and started wondering why I hadn't seen them sitting on my doorstep.  There's usually a very quick turnaround, so I knew there had to be something wrong.  I went to the website and checked only to see a "delivered" notice.

Delivered?  Not here!  Unless someone snagged them, and I can't imagine who would care.

No, they had been delivered to my OLD address.  My old address which I had studiously removed from the "automatic" list.  I did try to delete it, but it wouldn't delete without deleting my entire account.  So I relegated it to the list of various addresses I will never use.  Like my cousins or my sister. 

But somehow my pictures got sent to my old address this time. 

My first thought was, "Oh my god!  I hope there were no naked pictures in there!"  Which is a totally stupid thought.  Of course there were no naked pictures in there - I've never taken a naked picture in my life!  Nor would I have them developed at shutterfly if I did.  That would be home printer ONLY. 

I couldn't help the thought, though. 

So now I have no pictures, someone out there I don't know has my pictures, and I have to order new pictures. 

Say - if you happened to get some chubby red-headed woman's pictures of her obviously devious children standing in front of various Washington DC landmarks, could you shoot me an email? 

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