The Amazing Elaine: An Encore Appearance


Oh boy, do we have a special treat for you tonight. If you missed our show several months ago with Elaine, a Vietnam-era milspouse, you missed out! Elaine was such a big hit with our audience that we've asked her back, and she's agreed.

If you're feeling down and having a particularly tough deployment, you certainly don't want to miss this show because when you hear Elaine's story, it's sure to give you a boost. It's hard to believe what the spouses of those who served in the Vietnam war had to endure. And it's really nice that we're able to give them a platform to talk about their experiences, something that they didn't really have back then.

Don't miss this show, and don't miss our always-lively chat, either. By the way, our chat room was down yesterday during our show with Mrs. Chiarelli. Sorry for the inconvenience. It appears to be working fine today, though.

Click here at 9:00 p.m. EDT to listen live.    

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