That's When They Always Come


My kids and I like to rent or buy TV series on DVD rather than holding our schedule hostage to particular times/nights.  And I like how this brings us closer as a family, with all the variation and specialization in TV programming, it's nice to have something in common. 

But let's face it, kids don't sit still well.  So I have come up with ways for dealing with their restiveness while we are having family time.  And as simple as it is, it has caused me untold embarrassment.

My son absolutely adores to give me "tattoos" while we're watching something.  A "tattoo" consists of a washable ink pen drawing on either my arm or my lower leg.   This has totally solved the problem of him climbing all over furniture and tormenting everyone in the room during family time.  A quick scrub with a wipie and it's gone.  No problems.  He sits nicely and quietly.

My third daughter takes the opportunity during family TV time to do my hair.  She is 8 and recently learned to french braid.  Often I end up with multiple braids and my hair pulled into a few different ponytails and topped off with a headband.  Lots of strands escaping, of course.

I look truly terrifying when we are having family time.

Which, I guess, is why WITHOUT FAIL someone always chooses to come knocking at my door.

With AFG gone, and my skittishness at having my kids answer the door, I have given more than a few of those magazine sales people heart attacks as they catch a glimpse and wonder what on earth is going on in this house.

This evening it was someone trying to sell home alarm systems.  Again.  I had one of those visit two weeks ago.

"No thank you," I said.  "I have a pit bull."

Covered with purple ink drawings by a 5 year old and with Medusa hair, I'm sure that the alarm guy probably assumed any neighborhood unrest was going to be caused by me, anyway (first impressions are often the best).   Easiest time I have ever had getting rid of a door-to-door salesman.

I'm dying to know how other people chill their kids out during family time, though.  And how do you deal with people coming to the door when you just don't want them there?

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