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Bash the system to your hearts desire, but I for one feel that the medical benefits we enjoy via TRICARE are by and large, top of the line.  I know, I know, we all have exceptions and stories that would scare the stripe off of a skunk, BUT, by ... and ... large, it's a good program.  What we don't always know is, what truly ARE our medical care benefits and how do we achieve them?  Settle back, I've a story that one of you just might be interested in ...

Let's say you've been successful in rearing your family.  And by chance and happenstance, one of your children develops a serious condition, let's pick a biggie, the Big C, cancer.  TRICARE is doing its job in securing treatment and paying most if not all of the expenses of treatment.  Your child is making it through school, the cancer is being beaten, but they're about to be emancipated from you, the sponsor, because of either age or college completion.  But the treatments aren't over?  And you just know you can't get another health insurance provider to pickup coverage for the pre-existing condition ... Good Grief, Now What?

In to the picture, steps one of the least known and probably finest aspects of your benefits, post-TRICARE.  It is called the Continued Health Care Benefit Program.  The CHCBP offers temporary transitional health coverage for up to 36 months after TRICARE eligibility ends.

Now recognize, it ain't cheap.  It is a premium-based program, ... BUT WHEN YOU CAN'T GET HEALTH INSURANCE FOR YOUR KID, due to the pre-existing condition, and their TRICARE coverage is about to expire, then ... it's only money, yes?  And part of the beauty?  You get to keep the same providers, and benefits, and the program rules under which they've been receiving treatment.

Folks, especially when it's our kids needing the coverage, know your options.  Understand the benefits that CHCBP provide as a follow-on health care program.  If you wish to know more, follow the link above to the TRICARE website. 

Yes I do know someone for whom this was a true Godsend, and yes (thank you for asking), due to the ability to continue medical care post-TRICARE, their child is now in remission.  Do you know someone this could help?  Please, tell them about it, give them the link, and then send them over to see us -- SpouseBUZZ, where Military Spouses Connect! Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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