Now what on Earth am I supposed to do with this?

It is a sunny Sunday morning on The Great Plains. 

I am sipping coffee and lounging in my nightgown, and it is almost 10am.  Do not worry, I am feeling very guilty about it.  We should be at church.  I have located 3 I am interested in.  But DH is out of town, and I find it hard showing up to church on the first visit ALONE.  It seems as though what would normally be a simple handshake, and a "good morning" turns into 20 minutes of me stammering around about how "my Husband do wishes he could be here with us, but he is out of town for work".  And then, if I decide we do NOT  fit well into that church, then I have to do it again with another congregation. 

I continue to unpack our things.  I know, I know, it seems like it is taking forever. And it is.  The last move, was pre-children and I was unpacked within 48 hours.  I guess we have more things than I had imagined.  When we unloaded the boxes, and furniture we unloaded them in the garage, as they had been in storage for the past few months.  I was worried about moving them in the house.  (mice and such, it is summer and the likely hood is low...still EEEKK)  I am actually a little shocked it is taking me so long.  Seriously.  I had figured one week at the most. 

I continue to be surprised that I packed some things.  I thought I had  pared down.  SERIOUSLY.  I keep unpacking boxes, and am thrilled with most of the contents and then whammo I unpack something I should have given away or left behind.  I thought, I had really put some thought into what I was packing.  I do not think I need a 4 page cookbook from the Butler County extension agents office, date 1979. 

I have unpacked 2 broken vases, one broken Hummel figurine (I was given upon the death of my Great Aunt who was a collector.  I do not collect them, and have no idea what I am doing with them.)  2 broken peices of antique china.  So far I think that is it. 

How long does it take to move a family of 4 that has been married for 17 years? 

Bueller?  Bueller?

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