My Suitcase Will Never Have The One Thing I Need

What is it about traveling?  Why can't I pack the things I'm actually going to need?  You'd think I'd never left home before...

My family is in the middle of a family visit/vacation/TDY extravaganza.  Well, as much extravagance as one can fit between the end of swim team and the beginning of school.  I carefully considered my packing list:  where we would be able to wash clothes, average temperatures, my children's preference for wearing the same clothes for days on end.  I tried to pack light and flexible, as any sensible traveler does.  In my attempt to keep myself to one small suitcase, I made some tough decisions:  one swimsuit means sometimes putting it on while it is still damp, one set of pajamas means doing laundry frequently.  And I failed to bring Andi's magic product, which it turns out I now desperately need for the first time since I purchased it many, many months ago.  Giving up these crucial items meant I had room to squeeze in that extra pair of shoes I haven't worn, plus two outfits I haven't touched, and spare socks.  Just in case, you know.

If you know the magic formula for packing right, not just packing light, please let me know.  I'm headed out of town again in three weeks, and I'd really rather have the magic blemish stuff than the spare polo shirts.  Thanks.

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