Military Friends versus Civilians


Last year, my sister innocently asked, "So what do you get out of this blogging thing, anyway?"

I explained to her that blogging and connecting with other bloggersmakes me feel like I'm understood; most of the people that read my siteare other military wives, which means I don't have to explain a lot ofthe details that I think seem obvious. Other military wives understandthe daily grind of having a husband in the military. They don't say,"What a shame," when they find out my husband is deployed. They laughat and relate to all the light bulbs in the house burning out at thesame time, the car breaking down, and the air conditioner acting crazythe DAY AFTER my husband leaves. They've been there, done that, and andthey're ready to laugh about it (or cry about it) with me in thecomments section.

A lot (not all) of my family is made up of civilians. I love civilians. But sometimes, I don't feel understood by them.

Illustration: While in Seattle a few weeks ago, I was at lunch with myfamily when my aunt asked me if I had seen a particular movie. I askedif it had come out on DVD yet, and she said, "No, it's still in thetheater."

Ok. First, my husband is deployed. I haven't found a babysitter Itrust. All of the friends I would trust with my son are people I wouldwant to go to this said movie with (and most of them havedeployed husbands and children too. It's not like they need or wantanother responsibility on a Friday night). Plus, I'm not that big onspending $10 on a movie ticket and another trillion dollars on snacks.Not my cup of tea, but still. I'M ALONE. Going to the theater is a hugepain in the neck!

And guess what? I felt the need to explain all of that to her. Poor Aunt.

So as I was emailing Andi not too long ago, I told her I won't be ableto make it to the SpouseBUZZ Live event in Virginia because Scout willbe home or in transit for R & R. My mind started to wander. Howshould I explain how important it is to me to be home when Scout getsoff the plane? And then I smiled. I didn't have to explain it.

And maybe that's a bad example. I'm sure my family wouldn't need an explanation for something like that. But I would still feel the need to give one.

So that, my friends, is why I blog. Thank you for helping me to feel understood, and allowing me to understand you. :)

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