I am here all week, try the veal.



Ok, now that we have that out of the way.

It is week one in our new home.

Moving, always an adventure. Like a shell game of sorts. It had been about 8 years since I had done this. With 17 years of marriage, comes stuff. Being a National Guard family means no frequent PCS's. I am out of practice.

"Where is the scotch tape?" Open the box to find no tape. I mean really does anyone label the box with the scotch tape in it.

"Where is my year book?" My 20 year reunion was 1 week ago, and I did not go. However, I was sent pictures and am now trying to figure out who people are. The boys, I mean men- almost unrecognizable to me 20 years later. I do not even recognize some of the names below the photos.

My Husband is like most other military men, he enjoys his job. I am married to a workaholic. I have been married to a workaholic for years (probably another post all together). Since starting a new job he is working hard to learn his new position, and I suppose he wants to WOW people. This is not a surprise to me, after being married for so long. I will also add, his new position requires even MORE travel, than the last. I am starting to feel like a one woman side show.

"Watch her as she attempts to lift this dresser!" (Yeah it did not work).

There are things one woman cannot do, no matter how hard she tries.

I am sure there is nothing more irritating to a military spouse, than "not being able to do things alone".

Especially after being so independent for so long.

I seriously thought I could lift a dresser.

Delusional indeed!

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