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Hardly a week goes by that SpouseBUZZ doesn't get an email from a girlfriend of a service member either asking if there is a place like SpouseBUZZ for people like her, or just telling us that she learns a lot from reading SpouseBUZZ. This week was no exception, when the girlfriend of a soldier emailed to ask where she could find resources and said that she'd "like to connect" with people in her situation.

A year and a half ago, not long after SpouseBUZZ was up and running, we recognized this was an issue, and the conversation that ensued proved us right. Then, we tried to connect you all once more with this post. We love that you hang out here, and hope you continue to do so. You have unique perspectives. However, I think it would be fantastic if some of you decided to get together and form a group blog for the thousands of girlfriends and boyfriends who are just like you. There's clearly a need for that sort of blog and if one exists, I'm unaware of it. So, feel free to use this post to start the conversation or throw up some ideas, and if any of you enterprising significant others do form a blog, please come back and give us the link because we'd love to support you.

This would also be a good time to remind the milparents who read this blog that there's a new place for you, too. Check it out.    

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