Fit Club - Report In!

Oh, I've been abusing carbs this week.  Really, really bad. 

I am in desperate need of a produce section shopping trip to save my soul

Thanks to a Comcast cable appointment only available at a time most inconvenient to me and a head gasket blowing in my minivan, today will only be the second day this week where I get to the gym.  On the bright side, the one day we ate out for dinner we got Middle Eastern food from the Afghan place near our house.  Healthy!  And delicious!  I even managed to control myself and stay away from the Naan bread.  A minor miracle in itself.

Currently I'm trying to get up the courage to go into the free weights section of the gym instead of using machines for everything.  The firefighters always seem to be at the gym when I go, and they are really buff.  Also, there's a lot of them.  It's more than a little intimidating to walk over there with the really strong, grunting, buff men using 80 pound weights for curls while I grab the cute little petite 25 pounders.

We'll see how that goes.

I've also been using Nikki's suggestion about the treadmill - I can only manage a minute running backwards right now, but (and this should shock those of you who have followed SpouseBUZZ for a while) I am actually running for two minutes on, three off, two on, three off, etc.  Me!  Running!  Really, really slowly.  But running!

And it feels really good after doing that forwards/backwards workout!

I'd like to do something a bit different for next week's Fit Club - I'd like one of YOU to write the Fit Club posts!  This journey is not about me, it's about all of us getting together and encouraging each other to do better.  I'd like to hear from you, how did you get started?  How has Fit Club helped you keep on track?  What are your biggest work out issues?  What new things have you tried?  Where are you in your journey right now?   What is your ultimate goal?

Send your contribution to airforcewife98@hotmail.com, and I'll use a random drawing to pick one to post.  We might even have something to send the winner.  I can't WAIT to read them! 

So, report in spouses!  How's your fit club routine going this summer? 

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