Fertile Mertles

Went to the base swimming pool with a friend of mine - yep, one of my civilian friends!  She was amazed at many things - the well behaved kids (fortunately, she included mine in this grouping), the fact there was no snack bar so everyone cheerfully brought their own things and the cleanliness of the pool area.  I told her these could be attributed to the emphasis on discipline in military life.

But then she threw me for a loop - "Then how do you explain so many pregnant women?  I've never seen so many people with so many kids or so many pregnant woman at a pool!  Are military men really just that fertile?!?!?!?"  I think I said something intelligent like, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, dunno."

So, are we that much more likely to have children and more of them at that?  I've never thought about it?  Do we go out more when we are 'in a family way' because DH is gone a lot and we don't sit around waiting to have someone else do things for us?  What do you think accounts for my friends impression that we are a particularly fertile cross-section of society?  Are me more fertile?  Let me know what you think........I'll make sure I tell Kim!

Personally, I just think that we are typically a young and family oriented group of people! 

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