Army Wives: Some News and the Return of the Discussion Threads

Many SpouseBUZZ readers (especially Angie and Heather) have been after me to revive our weekly Army Wives discussion threads. I apologize that we haven't opened one in a while. The PCS move, and then some subsequent travel, threw me for a loop.

I've got two news items related to Army Wives to share with you, and then we'll do a mini round-up and resume our more comprehensive threads next week, after tonight's episode.

For the news....

....looks like our pal Katherine Fugate is no longer working on the show. Katherine has been our guest on SBTR twice. Both times, we had so much fun chatting with her. Last time we talked with Katherine, we gave her some great ideas for storylines, and I have a feeling that some of those ideas will make their way into a show, so stay tuned.... We wish Katherine well, and hope we can talk to her again sometime soon.

For the next bit of news. Rita Odom is the person that Roxy's character is based upon. Things are not going well for Rita in real life. Read the story here.

How do you review three week's of shows? Not easily. In just three weeks, Claudia Joy is functioning well again, her daughter was dating a drug dealer, but ended up turning him in to the authorities, Chase was arrested, but not really, Roxy is running Betty's and has already fired someone (for good reason, I might add), Joan is managing her pregnancy and her career pretty darn well although she feels her job is being coveted by her temporary replacement, Joan almost lost the baby, Don't Ask, Don't Tell was discussed, which lead to Roland's firing and then re-hiring, Denise came close to having an affair. Denise is happy, then not happy, then happy again. Frank isn't focused on his mission in Iraq because Denise seems happy, then not happy, then happy again, so he's on his way home, Jeremy was arrested, but the charges were dropped, Trevor may be hooked on prescription drugs, Roxy is trying to get her GED and then there was that little "play date" scene last week. Whew! 

Way too much to catch up on, but let's get the controversy out of the way, right off of the bat. Oh, the email that I received after last week's episode.... The "play date" scene with Pamela was a hot topic of email chatter. One milspouse told me that her mother contacted her after the show to ask about this. As in, "are you involved in this type of thing?" Ugh!

Last season, the Joan/Roland storyline began to grate on my nerves, this season it's the Denise/Frank storyline. I can't put my finger on it exactly, and it's not what I believe the point of the storyline to be - that Denise is out finding herself and that her husband is really uninteresting, overbearing and often absent, among other things. I just don't think this storyline is playing out well this season. Am I the only one?

I'm still enjoying the show - very much. Last year, almost every episode included some high drama. I like that the drama has been toned down a bit this season because it has given the writers a chance to better shape the characters, probe deeper into their lives and get into that nuance that I'm so keen on these days.

Now.... Does this sound nutty? I miss Lenore. Lenore and her antics were over the top, yes they were. But she was the one we all loved to hate. We don't want to run into a Lenore in real life, she's the anthises of a Mrs. Casey (if you missed that show, you missed some interesting conversation), but she's great for television, isn't she? Lenore added a certain something to the show, even if she was a wild caricature of a Flag Officer's Wife. They need to bring Lenore, and that wacky music they played when she made an entrance, back. I think there's a void on the show right now because there's no villain.

I promise to get back on track this week. But for now, feel free to discuss your thoughts about season two. I'll be back tomorrow and we'll analyze tonight's show.....

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