Army Wives Discussion Thread: Back in Business

Okay, like I said a few days ago, we're back in the game, so let's hit it.

First of all, I'm receiving a lot of comments and email from those of you who feel the military themes are being pushed into the background this season, and that many of the situations are ones that could occur on any drama or soap opera. I have to admit, I haven't really noticed this because whether or not they play the military angle up, I automatically read that angle into every situation. But after viewing the last Army Wives episode, I realized they missed at least one opportunity.


Claudia Joy's mother - They could have really played up the fact that military families are so often separated from their immediate families that they often have no idea what's really going on at home, or they can't necessarily run home and help at the drop of a hat when something is wrong. Something we've discussed here before. Definitely a missed opportunity.

I do think they have the Trevor storyline right. When you visit with wounded troops, one of the things you hear most often is that they just want to get back to their units, back to their guys. I'm glad they are showcasing the bond between the soldiers. It's important.

I liked the storyline with Roland and Jake for a couple of reasons. First, I think it showed how some people choose to mask their pain. In Jake's case, he's attached himself to Roland, a father figure, and he's spending a lot of money on things that won't truly help him deal with his grief. But the scene with Mrs. Tate and Jake at the end had me in tears because Jake's mother admitted that she felt like she had a hand in her husband's death because she pushed him to stay in until he was eligible to retire. A tear-jerker, for sure... 

I enjoyed the brief conversation between Frank and Michael when Michael says to Frank, "You and I both know that the worst thing in the field is a soldier worried about problems back home. He could get himself killed, or somebody else." Distractions can be dangerous.

As I mentioned before, I can't quite put my finger on it, but the Denise/Frank storyline just isn't my favorite this year. At least they threw in the marriage counseling theme, so I'm hoping that we'll see some of that in the next episode(s). 

Other happenings: Roxy gets her GED and finally, a FRG car wash. Now, all they need is a bake sale at the motor pool....

My DVR cut off the preview for next week's show, so I don't know what to expect. Your thoughts and predictions? Where do you hope the storylines go?

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