Yes, it's another deployment post. :)


I always feel incredibly guilty when I'm so busy I can't even find time to blog; I'm finishing up my teacher certification, starting a teaching job next week, taking a trip to Seattle this weekend, relentlessly loving an infant, planning for R & R, and up until yesterday, mothering my step daughter for the summer. Whew.

But in the few quiet times that I have, I think of Scout.

A while ago, I blogged about one of those quiet times:

In high school, Scout worked at Taco Bell. He perfected the art ofrolling a burrito/soft taco so that one end was completely sealed. Ihave benefited from his extraordinary talent time and time again -every time we have Taco Night, I fill my soft shell taco and slide myplate across the counter to where he's standing. I watch in awe as heturns what could be a sloppy mess into a beautiful piece of deliciousart. (And I always make a point of telling him how sexy I think histalent is.)

So this morning, as I looked at my open-faceegg/cheese/ketchup burrito on the counter, I wanted to slide it towhere he would usually stand - except that, as you all know - he wasn'tthere. I sucked it up and rolled it myself, but it wasn't as beautiful.And it made me miss him.

He'll be home in a little over a month for R & R, and you can bet that I'll be exploiting his burrito rolling talent.

So tell me, what do you think of during the quiet moments of deployment?

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