What a Week...


Last week was kind of bad.  The Marine Corps had a bad week, that's for sure.  There really aren't enough suitable words to describe what that battalion is going through right now.  Because of this, I added new members to my Marine Corps family.  They seem up to the test though and that's a good thing.

I wrote a post about how last week started for me.  It sure wasn't pretty.  My week didn't end well either.

Got into an argument with Lancelot about everything and nothing.  He left yesterday on another one of his globetrotting trips and we hadn't really reconciled yet.  It happens.

This next week promises a mixed bag of stuff.  Lancelot will come home from exotic locales.  Dark Prince will turn 22 in Iraq on Friday.  Buster, the wonder kitty, will celebrate his 8th year with us on the same day.

I guess life is like this.  Little bit of good, little bit (this week..whole lot ) of bad...up to you how it's characterized.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Most likely, it's both but geez...

I dunno.  I do know I need a palate cleanser.  Music always does it for me so here's my contribution Yeah..I know...the hair.

Chime in with your palate cleanser.  God knows...I could use it and perhaps someone else could too.

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