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Tonight we're featuring a wonderful show!  What if some proud Americans got together and decided to give people a platform to showcase just how much the troops (and military family members!) mean to them?  What if all it took was uploading your video to an easily available website?

And what if you were that service-member, deployed and lonely, who could log onto this site and watch person after person expressing just how much you mean to them and how grateful they are?

Tomorrow, on the Fourth of July, Moment of Thanks will launch.  As of right now, you can view a message from Tommy Lasorda, with his thanks and pride for the Armed Services.  In the days to follow, more celebrities and everyday Americans will be contributing their messages of thanks for all to see.

Sometimes, just hearing Thank You means so much.

Join us tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio at 9 pm Eastern as we preview Moment of Thanks and discuss what brought this incredible concept about. As always, the chat room will be hopping.  You don't want to miss this.

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