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Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio we've got a very timely show you won't want to miss - because it's all about your home.  The housing market stinks right now, but that doesn't slow down the PCS cycle.  Should we buy?  Sell?  Rent?  And if we have to sell, how best to make our house stand out in this market? 

We're going to have Larry Whitehead, of LarMad Homes, on this evening to give us the scoop so we can go into our next PCS armed with lots of facts and knowledge to come out of this market on top.

You may remember that I sang Larry's praises before, when we moved to the DC area.  Now you can talk to him, too.  Write your questions down so you don't forget and be sure to call them in!

Don't forget, SpouseBUZZ Radio at 9 pm Eastern tonight!  And as always, our chat room will be hopping.   

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